A Grateful Dancer- San Francisco Trip Part 1

21 Oct

Well, it’s certainly been a while, not for lack of commitment…just for lack of having time between adventures to write anything down 🙂 So, this past summer I was given an amazing gift from my dear friend, Kersten Collins. She gave me the gift of an enormous travel voucher to go to San Francisco to study dance and to experience the city that is the Mecca of bellydance in this country. She didn’t just give me a plane ticket, she gave me the blessing of “exposure”-to different directions in bellydance training, to my goals for my dance career, and to other dancers who are doing things and changing ideas. I am forever grateful to her.

I am also endlessly grateful to Megan and Freddie Cabral who opened up their home, their lives, and gave their friendship to me while I was out there. Thank you Megan for all your sage advice and for your commitment to your own dance journey. You have inspired me to continue finding my roots, to honor them, to believe in myself and all the possibilities this dance can offer me and our community. You are a truly powerful being, my dance sister. I am so thankful to have met you and to call you a friend 🙂

Thanks are also due to my endlessly supportive husband, Marc, who has always made sure that I have been able to follow my path and is always there for a big kiss when I return. I can’t wait to be able to give him all the opportunities he has given me in our future together. I am so proud of him for pursuing the career he is so passionate about…you’re almost done babe!! Thanks to everyone who has supported me in my dance journey either as a teacher, moral supporter, or financial backer…I feel so grateful at this point in my life and I want to make sure you all know it!


Stay Tuned for pictures and musings from my trip in Part 2 and 3 !!


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