It has begun!

10 Jun

The dancer cannot be separated from the dance, she also cannot be separated from the history of dancing, from the line of dancers and teachers leading to her.
~ The Dancer and the Dance (film) ~

Hello everyone,

So, recently I decided to embark on a project that I hope will take me to some neat places, both literally and metaphorically. It all began after my trips to TribalCon and Tribal Fest 11, when I realized that my world of Tribal and Tribal Fusion Bellydance felt limited…like I had missed a lot along the way. Now, I have studied Egyptian style and Cabaret style bellydance as well. I was not a purely Tribal dancer, but I felt a yearning for enlightenment…for stories of the beginnings..for advice from the creators..for an untainted history (which I am learning is impossible to attain in History in general).

So earlier this month I began my “research project” of sorts, which I hope in the future will provide an outlet for others who wish to follow the same convoluted path I am just beginning to embark on. It is my hope to bring the deep history of a very  “new” dance form (Tribal and Tribal Fusion) back to those who have not had the pleasure of learning it. I hope to explore the history of oriental dance from the very beginnings up through the 19th Century into the 1920’s Cabaret and into the present day…a flourishing dance form that is changing rapidly and evolving literally on a weekly basis. I hope to share little tidbits of information that are fun and enlightening..share videos, photos, stories, and hopefully interviews from the “mamas” of this particular form (if they will agree to help me on my journey **fingers crossed**) 🙂

I am starting on this journey as a novice..a dancer all my life, I have only been studying bellydance for 7 years..and I know it will be a life-long study for me. I claim to know nothing..I am not an authority on any subject..I am only sharing with you what I learn from others and I will try to establish credible sources for my information whenever I can. (Please comment or let me know if you believe any info I have here is incorrect or damaging..PLEASE!!)

I sincerely hope you will enjoy following me on this journey and will reap something from what I am gathering and sharing from others. Please bear with me on this process of beginning all this…my photo gallery is super-new and not nearly as full and referenced as I’d like it to be and my links section and info will grow. I hope you enjoy this place and please contact me if you have anything to add, would like to give an interview or article, or would just like to give feedback! I can be contacted at

Also please friend me on facebook to get updates : Jenna Bowles Deitsch

Thanks so much my dance sisters and brothers!!




3 Responses to “It has begun!”

  1. sparklyandslimming June 18, 2011 at 12:36 PM #

    So excited for you! Can’t wait to read! Oooh I have to mail your belly care package! ❤

  2. Xtiina Carbone DeLa Schuetz June 21, 2011 at 12:37 PM #

    I wish you luck with your explorations! 🙂

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